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You get a $1.09 return on every dollar invested in quality Landscaping.

Modern Landscape by Tarrytown Landscape Architect Westover Landscape Design, Inc.

“It is the only home improvement that generates a greater than one dollar return for every dollar spent,” says Hall.

“Put the same dollar into a bathroom or kitchen and, according to the Home Remodelling Institute, you get 73 cents return for that dollar, but our own research shows that with every dollar put into landscaping you get $1.09 in return.”

Contemporary Landscape by Bainbridge Island Landscape Architect Bliss Garden Design

So if your project is a $ 30’000 dollar investment, that means you will generate a return of $ 2’700 of pure profit in your pocket.

Charlie Hall is a professor in the department of horticultural sciences at Texas A&M University.  Everyone in the green industry listens to Charlie, he’s one of the most influential leaders in horticulture and does careful detailed research unearthing facts and statistics.

Not to mention the plethora of benefits that proves gardening and other aspects of the horticulture industry to be good for us.

Its not just pretty plants and money in our pockets …

Charlie Hall’s Top 17 Researched Proven Facts:
-Better concentration
-Increased positive feelings (more energy/vitality)
-Kids learn better and faster
-Patients heal faster
-Therapeutic and heals trauma
-Improves mental health
-Reduces health costs (more likely to exercise)
-The most cost effective way to change a community
-More green = less crime
-Increased sense of community (brings people together)
-Business do better (people buy more, shop longer, and pay more)
-Eco Tourism benefits
-Homes sell faster
-Improves biodiversity balancing ecosystems
-Absorbs noise pollution
-Improves quality of lives for humans and wildlife
-Increases longevity of asphalt



Source: Vancouver Sun