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You may want to jot these ingredients down, or remember the gist of the idea of ingredients I used.  Because wholly crap, I surprised myself, and the lucky person who I was eating them with :)

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I hardly ever make food from a recipe, unless I’m making my Famous Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookies.  But in almost every case in my kitchen I sit and study various recipes of ingredients I want to use and gather up the best of the best from all of them and start throwing things in.  From my years of watching cooking shows obsessively, I seem to have a good handle on what ingredient compliments the other.

If you are going to cook like this, it is an absolute must to dip your finger in whatever you are making like 4 or 5 times, depending on what you are making.  Always test your product, judge the taste, and figure out what it needs more of or less of.  You’ll figure it out.

In my eyes it’s the funnest, less stressful, creative, most relaxed way of cooking.  Make sure you do your research first, and walk away confident and clear on what you want to do, and what you want to include.

Good Luck!

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From what I remember the recipe included:

Sweet Thai chili sauce
Brags liquid seasoning
Soy sauce
Lemon Juice
Lime zest
Lime Juice
Balsamic Vinegar

Another great thing about all these ingredients thrown in my magical way, was the texture of the sauce over the wings.  It wasn’t too watery or too gooey or too dry, it was the perfect amount of glaze with subtle pops of flavor bursts.

It did not overpower the chicken, but it was enough to leave you wanting another one and another one, because the flavor was so good in your mouth, but subtle enough not to overwhelm you palate.  They were like teasers in your mouth because the all round sauce was subtle but it was amazing when you got those random pops of bursting flavor; I’m assuming from the ginger and the garlic, possibly the chili flakes and the basil, maybe the lime zest as well.

Okay I could go on and on about it.  If there is one topic in the world you couldn’t shut me up about it, this would be it.

Hope it turns out ‘amazing, wholly crap good’ as it did for me.

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